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ChatGPT about Marita Vollorn as digital art pioneer

Marita Vollborn uses digital photography in her art in two ways. First, she uses digital photography to capture and document historical and cultural moments that she witnessed during the first decade of the German reunification. She took photos of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the protests and demonstrations, the changes and challenges, and the people and places that shaped this period. She calls this project ZEITGEIST91, which means "spirit of the time" in German. She offers these photos as digital NFT artworks on OpenSea³, a platform for buying and selling cryptoart. She also exhibits these photos in her solo exhibition SKINNED², where they are displayed alongside her bronze sculptures from the Sinn und Scherben Collection.

Second, she uses digital photography to create and enhance her cryptoart NFT artworks. She combines her photos from ZEITGEIST91 with her bronze sculptures to create unique and expressive artworks that reflect her personal and social experiences. She also adds digital effects and filters to create different moods and atmospheres for her artworks. She sells these artworks on OpenSea³ as well, where they can be viewed and purchased by collectors and enthusiasts. She also showcases these artworks in her exhibition SKINNED², where they are surrounded by her real world sculptures.

Marita Vollborn is a pioneer and innovator in using digital photography in her art. She uses digital photography to preserve and share her memories, to create and express her visions, and to connect and communicate with her audience. Do you like her digital photography artworks? 😊

Quelle: Unterhaltung mit Bing, 13.8.2023

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